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    OVER 90% raised of £1 Million target towards the new Belmont Sports Hall Campaign.

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    Make your mark on the Pathway to Fitness

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    Add your name to the campaign

Pathway to Fitness
Belmont Sports Hall

We are extremely grateful to all the generous parents and Old Belmontians who have made donations to the Belmont Sports Hall campaign and helped us reach a fantastic £990K of our £1 million target.

We believe the largest possible number of people should be able to take part in the Fundraising Campaign so we are delighted to launch the final phase of the campaign the Pathway To Fitness.

This is an opportunity to make a permanent mark on the new building… you can have your child’s name, your family name, the name of a loved one or your favourite teacher inscribed on a paver that will be laid in front of the new Sports Hall. Each brick is £100 and we also have a limited edition of double pavers which can be inscribed at a cost of £250.

The building of the Sports Hall will be complete by the end of October, with a sacrificial surface laid on the area reserved for personalised bricks. Bricks will be available to personalise until the end of November and the Pathway to Fitness will be in place at the beginning of 2020.


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Next Installation

  • The Installation of the bricks at Belmont Sports Hall will be carried out in the new year. You will be notified and invited to an unveiling in due course.
  • Details of opening ceremony of Belmont Sports Hall coming soon.